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Dorothy Weaver is the Department Head of Behavioral Sciences at Oklahoma State University—Oklahoma City.  She received her PhD in anthropology from Rutgers University in 2006.  Her research interests are Russia and Eastern Europe, capitalist transitions, gender, and religion. Dorothy is the lead instructor for Sociology, Geography, and Anthropology and currently teaches Introductory Sociology, Social Problems, Cultural Diversity, Marriage and Family, and Language and Culture.  She is a fan of Open Access Course materials, Terry Pratchett, research on tax policy, Classic Trek, The Genderbread Person, and science.

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Dan Wang is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Oklahoma. She Received her Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2022. She specializes in vulnerable families, culture, and research methods.

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Dr. Becerra is an environmental sociologist, whose primary interest areas are natural resources and the environment (especially water), and issues of marginalized populations (race, gender, and rural populations). She completed her doctoral degree at Kansas State University and completed post-doctoral research projects at both Oklahoma State University and Kansas State University.

Dr. Becerra came to East Central University in the fall of 2016. She teaches in the Department of Politics, Law and Society. Also, faculty in the Water Resource Policy and Management (WRPM) master’s program, she teaches a seminar in Water and Society: Theory and Practice and Water Resource Economics.  Her sociology courses include Introduction to Sociology, Native American Sociology, Majority-Minority Relations, Gender and Society, Sociological Theory, Environmental Sociology, and Political Organization Theory. 


Past President


LiErin Probasco is Chair of the Sociology Department at Oklahoma City Community College. She holds a PhD in sociology from Princeton University. Dr. Probasco teaches Intro to Sociology, Social Problems, Cultural Anthropology, and Race and Ethnicity in the US.  Her research has addressed issues of race in higher education, congregational studies, and international volunteer tourism/mission trips.  At OCCC, she co-sponsors the SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance) club and serves on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


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